Senior man working out in his retirement community

How This Senior Fitness Program Stands Above the Rest

A person’s overall wellness has an enormous impact on your happiness and quality of life, which is why The Heritage at Brentwood® keeps wellness at the forefront of every aspect of the community. The four cornerstones of the HealthyLife® Services program at The Heritage are fitness, nutrition, active life and well-being. Here, residents can create new, healthy routines that fit seamlessly into everyday life.


The HealthyLife® Fitness Center & Pool at The Heritage at Brentwood is unique to the area because it’s professionally managed by the active aging experts, the National Institute for Fitness & Sport (NIFS). On each resident’s first day working out, specialized exercise trainers for seniors will orient them to the equipment in the fitness center, explain safety procedures, and even request input from their doctor to make sure to involve the resident’s whole wellness team.

It’s helpful to begin any wellness program with an awareness of physical strengths and challenges, and then move forward with a smart plan in place. Residents have the opportunity to begin their wellness journey with an exercise prescription and a senior fitness evaluation by senior fitness professionals. From there, they can choose any group fitness classes they find interesting or even enjoy the one-on-one attention of personal training sessions. 

Workout Classes:

  •     Gentle Yoga
  •     Tai Chi
  •     Aqua Flow/Aqua Fit
  •     Water Walking
  •     Sit & Fit
  •     Gentle Movement
  •     Fitness Fusion
  •     Better Balance

Residents’ personalized fitness routine should work with their schedules. The fitness center is open all day, every day, and is outfitted with some of the highest-quality equipment in the industry, including brands like NuStep®, Keiser®, Matrix, and Biodex. And the new heated indoor pool lets residents swim or do water aerobics any time of the year. 


Food selections at The Heritage are not only delicious, but also varied enough to provide a well-balanced diet. Whether you like classic American dishes from the Fireside Grille or elegant steakhouse fare from the Southern Oak dining room, the menus provide all the nutritional information you need to make the right decisions for you. Below each offered dish, you’ll find the calorie count, the fat content, the amount of cholesterol, sodium content, carb count, and the amount of protein included.

If you’re trying to cut calories or carbs, minimize your salt intake or lower your cholesterol, there are options to help you achieve your personal goals. Eating plenty of protein can help you protect muscle mass and, therefore, retain stability. Fuel your body with what it needs.

Active Life

Challenging yourself, making new social connections and pursuing passions are all crucial to a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle. In addition to the wide array of outside activities The Heritage residents participate in, we’ve provided a host of activities they can enjoy right here in the community, as well as resident committees they can join to ensure the community reflects their interests.

Community Activities:

  •     The Great Courses
  •     Book Clubs
  •     Bible Study
  •     Bingo
  •     Bridge
  •     Hand Crafters
  •     Line Dance Class
  •     Scherenschnitte Paper Cutting
  •     Canasta
  •     Wii Bowling
  •     Flower Arranging
  •     Mahjongg
  •     Act Too Players

Resident Committees:

  •     Activity Committee
  •     Food & Beverage Committee
  •     Wellness Committee
  •     Library Committee
  •     Marketing Committee
  •     Welcoming Committee


Your well-being might be nourished by a raucous happy hour with your friends or by a quiet dinner in your residence. You might need to get your hands dirty with oil paint or with rich soil. The activities that nurture you are likely diverse and multifaceted. You want the place you live to be able to address all the different sides of your personality.

The Heritage integrates the 8 Dimensions of Wellness that create a sense of holistic well-being. Fulfillment may look a little different for each individual, but it’s important for everyone.

Physical Wellness: Build strength and endurance, improve range of motion and balance. Your bodily health can enhance every other aspect of wellness.

Emotional Wellness: Foster a connection to your inner world. Recognize and acknowledge your feelings and find constructive outlets for them.

Intellectual Wellness: Stimulate your brain to promote cognitive function. Develop your interests by reading, joining trivia groups, working on word or number puzzles, or auditing classes.

Social Wellness: Avoid isolation and cultivate a sense of belonging. Find new friends to share important moments and strengthen ties to lifelong pals and family.

Environmental Wellness: Living somewhere beautiful improves your everyday life. Seek out a place that’s appealing inside and out, filled with friendly people and makes you feel at home. 

Spiritual Wellness: Whether you practice a religion, meditate or commune with nature, connect to a power or a force bigger than yourself.  

Vocational Wellness: Pursue activities that fill you with a sense of purpose. Work, volunteer, or give back — use your unique talents to make an impact.

Health Services: Seek out support for your unique health concerns and find a team that can help you live well in the face of challenges.

Your journey to health and wellness may include a top-notch chef, an insightful book club, inspirational exercise trainers for seniors, or fun volunteer opportunities. The Heritage at Brentwood provides a diverse array of activities and resources to ensure that you can build a lifestyle that fulfills you.

Contact the team to find out more about the wellness offerings at The Heritage at Brentwood or to arrange a visit and enjoy a meal.