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What’s life really like at The Heritage at Brentwood®? That’s a question best answered by the people who know us best — the residents.

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"Since being here at The Heritage, I've met so many wonderful people, educated people, professional people. And I feel like I can ask anyone here to help me. I remember Mr. Rogers used to say, 'Remember there are all kinds of helpers out there.' I feel like I have all kinds of helpers here too."

Ruth Ann, Magnolia resident

"There's more of a sense of home here because you do invest in your apartment or your villa, so you feel like more of a family than if you were just renting."

Kathy , Villa resident

"Moving to The Heritage is the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m free to enjoy my independence, because my every need is taken care of and my family doesn’t have to worry about me."

Brenta, Magnolia resident

"The facility is great, but the most important thing of all is the people … We wanted to be part of a community; we wanted to be part of a place where we could have friends and do things together. The Heritage is a great place for us.”

Ron, Redbud resident

“One of the best things about The Heritage is the space that we have, outside as well as inside. We have a nice area to walk, and I take advantage of it every day that I can.”

Joe, Dogwood resident

“John and I decided when we moved to The Heritage ‘if you rest, you rust.’ The Heritage provides activities to keep your mind going and the fitness center to keep your body going. We love it here.”

Sarah, Redbud resident

“I think The Heritage is a wonderful place to be. It’s safe and secure and we’re well taken care of. And there are so many activities for us to do. I really appreciate everything they do.”

Betty, Magnolia resident
Betty Ann Fugate
Sandra Kyne
Evelyn Sylar

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Medicare, Healthcare, LifeCare Workshop
Thursday, August 18

Better Health Care Results Require a Plan & a Trusted Navigator

If you’ve tried to navigate the health care system, you know how confusing and complicated it can be. At The Heritage at Brentwood®, our go-to guide is Director of Residential Health Services Cathy Joki RN. She uses her vast experience as a registered nurse to support and assist The Heritage’s independent living residents as they navigate an often-confusing array of medical services and insurance benefits. Join us as Cathy leads an enlightening and educational workshop explaining the truths and dispelling the myths about today’s Medicare, health care, and LifeCare® options and programs. You’ll also have an opportunity to ask her questions and hear from current residents. Join us Thursday, August 18th for lunch an learn the facts about Medicare, Health Care & LifeCare®. A delicious chef-prepared lunch will be served. To RSVP for yourself and a friend, call 615.541.4454 or fill out the event registration form.