A woman holds the hands of her elderly mother

What Is Heartfelt CONNECTIONS — A Memory Care Program®?

Getting to the Heart of Memory Care

At the center of Heartfelt CONNECTIONS — A Memory Care Program® is the connection between heart and mind. Compassionate and knowledgeable team members learn a memory care resident’s history to personalize their approach to care. But while the past plays an important role within this signature program, caregivers also get to know who the resident is now to bond with them in the present and work to build trust and comfort.

Nurses and caregivers are trained extensively in this nationally recognized model for memory care. They focus on each person’s abilities as well as their likes and dislikes with the Quality of Life Assessment Tool. With this vital information, they’re able to create enriching and joyful moments.

Heartfelt CONNECTIONS — A Memory Care Program® Principles

  • We view aging as a natural process — life stories to be continued.
  • We believe what remains is far more important than what is lost.
  • We focus on each resident’s unique remaining abilities.
  • We embrace and celebrate everything our residents do.
  • We create success stories, one small victory at a time.

The Heritage team at Somerfield Health Center creates a care plan with a resident-first mindset. Dignity and individuality are the watchwords, and we begin that experience with private suites, decorated with personal items and photos. We know this community is the residents’ home, and we make every effort to ensure it feels that way.

No resident is the same, so team members design customized activities to promote physical and emotional well-being, prolong daily functioning, and maintain a sense of purpose, satisfaction and dignity. Caregivers group daily activities into three important categories, chosen to foster fulfillment.

Activity Categories to Promote Quality of Life

1. Personal Care

The focus on personal care promotes higher self-esteem, which sets the stage for more positive social interactions. As much as possible, team members encourage residents to participate in their own personal care, which supports independence and self-sufficiency. Caregivers offer encouragement and any necessary aid with washing, dressing, toileting, and combing and styling hair. All accomplishments in these areas are always celebrated.

2. Personal Productivity

Productivity means more than just keeping busy. It means making a positive impact on the world around you — being a contributing part of a community — as well as participating in activities that improve your intellectual and emotional well-being. That’s why residents in Heartfelt CONNECTIONS — A Memory Care Program® participate in baking, gardening, painting and letter writing, in addition to personal activities they’ve enjoyed throughout their lives that contribute to their happiness.

3. Personal Leisure

Finding moments of enjoyment helps residents (well, everyone, really) stay positive. Team members look for opportunities for residents at any stage of cognitive impairment to relax and feel joy. Depending on the resident’s abilities and preferences, activities could include playing cards, reading, putting together puzzles, walking, listening to music and getting outside. Somerfield Health Center at The Heritage at Brentwood® includes a thoughtfully designed outdoor space, where residents can safely enjoy the beautiful landscaping. If, at any point, a favorite activity becomes difficult, caregivers will look for ways to adapt it to the resident’s skills and abilities.

Residents and their family members deserve caregivers who champion quality of life within memory care services, and team members who seek out opportunities for that heart and mind connection. This signature program helps Heritage team members individualize experiences based on a personal and devoted relationship to each resident.

If you’d like to know more about signature programs, Heartfelt CONNECTIONS — A Memory Care Program® or see the beautiful community in person, reach out on the contact form, and a Heritage at Brentwood team member will be in touch as soon as possible.