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The Benefits of Walkable Neighborhoods: Why Choose Independent Senior Living

On the Move: Walkable Senior Living Neighborhoods Sitting on a lush 48-acre campus, residents at The Heritage are pretty passionate about walking in these beautiful surroundings. The walking group gets out regularly to explore the grounds of The Heritage and the Greater Brentwood area. But did you know that walking and walkable neighborhoods, like The …

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The Hidden Long-Term Costs of 55 And Older Rentals

How Much Does Senior Living Cost? Rental vs. LifeCare® Don’t be fooled by the first numbers you see. The real cost of senior living incorporates many long-term factors, and the best communities have plans in place for your future health care. Entrance payments in LifeCare and Life Plan Communities cover many recurring expenses. Most significantly, …

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Senior and Millennial Downsizing Trends

There’s More in Common than You Think.

Although there’s a gap in generations, today’s seniors and millennials share a similar desire to downsize, declutter, and simplify their homes and finances.

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A Daily Walk: Smart Move for Senior’s Brain Health

According to US News, a new study found that seniors who regularly take walks may experience benefits specifically related to brain health and cognition. The study found that adults over the age of 60 years old struggling with memory issues were better able to focus and process information if they walked more than 4,000 steps in one day, or roughly two miles. Check out the article for more information, and be sure to consult your physician prior to beginning any exercise regimen.

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