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Employee of the Month also a fourth-degree black belt

Ann Vocke is a full-time Dietary Aide in The Heritage at Brentwood’s Somerfield Health Center. She’s also the LifeCare Community’s November Employee of the Month.

But there’s a lot more to know about Ann. For instance, she used to teach taekwondo. “Not to show off, but I’m a fourth-degree blackbelt! She shares.

“My husband David and I have been married for 21 years. We have two wonderful boys, Nicholas 17, and Nathan, 15,” she says. Though her family’s not large, she has personal experience with a big one. “I have total of eight siblings and I’m the lucky No. 8 out of all girls. Yes, all girls. I was born in Laos. I have never been back to visit my country after I left there.”

In her spare time, she takes Zumba twice a week and loves to shop. “Shopaholic is what my husband would say. My mother and I will drive to any outlet mall just to shop,” she confesses.

Before Ann came to The Heritage three years ago, she was a part-time teacher’s aide at nearby Edmondson Elementary School.

“I love it,” she says of the senior living community. “The residents are my second family! They welcome me with open arms.”