The Heritage’s friendly greeter named Employee of the Month

Sherry Williams came to The Heritage with over 30 years of skilled care experience in rehabilitation centers. Needing something different, in 2014 she started working as a CNA for Health at Home, one of the services provided through Life Care Services, The Heritage at Brentwood’s management company. In November 2017, she transitioned into a CNA position with The Heritage at Brentwood at Winfield Adult Day Care Center. As a result, she has enjoyed having more personal, one-on-one contact with the residents.

When COVID-19 restrictions started in March 2020, the decision was made to close Winfield. The guard station that had remained unoccupied since The Heritage first opened soon became operational and started serving as the safety checkpoint for all persons entering the community.

Sherry was reassigned to the guard station to take temperature checks and ensure that all persons entering the community were fever-free. Her role at the guard station has evolved into being the first friendly face greeting us as we enter Mondays through Fridays. She says she misses working with the adult clients at Winfield but stated she did feel a little isolated from the rest of the community. Since working at the guard station, she has gotten to know the employees, residents, family members, vendor, and other visitors.

When not manning the guard station, Sherry enjoys keeping her mother engaged and entertained. With 11 siblings who have stayed in the Nashville area, that’s not hard to do. They often enjoy having a meal together and her mother often says her family “can turn anything into a party.”

Sherry and her husband Dwayne have one daughter, Tamara. She enjoys visiting Tamara and her three grandchildren in Mandeville, La.

Ashlie Burnett, Director of Community Life Services, commends Sherry for her diligent work at the guard station for over 12 months without complaining. “There is never a worry if current policies and safety protocols are being followed when Sherry is present,” Burnett shares. “Her bright smile and heartfelt greeting give a warm welcome to anyone coming to The Heritage at Brentwood.”

For these reasons and more, Sherry Williams is The Heritage at Brentwood’s September Employee of the Month.